Who FCAWA are

The Financial Counsellors Association of Western Australia provides information and support to financial counsellors practising in WA.

FCAWA also manages the National Debt Helpline – a service that provides support to West Australians experiencing financial hardship.

Data Breach – Phishing email sent
11.54am 12/10/2018, email address shelley@fcawa.org was attacked and compromised when an email was sent from a hacker from this address to all contacts (454 email addresses) of this email address.
At least 434 recipients received this email.

If you have received this email please delete it ASAP and do not enter any details.
The phishing email was requesting the recipients email address and email password. We know of two instances of people providing their information.
If you have provided any information please contact your IT Professional for assistance.
1. Delete the email
2. Do not provide any details
3. Communicate to others not to open this email and delete it
4. If someone has provided information to contact their IT Professional immediately for assistance.
5. Let our Association know so we can report this matter to our IT Professionals for assistance and for the Association to monitor this incident.

For further information please contact our office on 08 9325 1617 thank you.